Working Test 2023

The club will be hosting our working test this year on 25th June for all breeds at the the BCA (Berkshire Collage of Agriculture) Hall Place ,Burchetts Green , Maidenhead , Berkshire , SL6 6QR. Thank to Liz and her team.

There will three classes for each category

  • Puppy for dogs aged up to 12 months on the day
  • Novice for dogs over 12 months and that have previously not won a working test.
  • Open for dogs over 12 months that are advanced in training or have won a Novice working test.

What is involved

There will be a Hunting test , two land retrieves and a water retrieve for all classes and all breeds across the two days with each tests designed to each breed .

Each test is out of 100 with 25 points award for each task , the dogs with the highest scores will be graded  1st  2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th . There are trophies, rosettes and award cards for 1st place and 2nd to 6th place will receive medals, rosettes and award cards.

You can enter more than one test on the day e.g. Puppy and Novice or Novice and Open with your dog or run two dogs in the same class , if you intend to do that please bring someone with you to hold one of your dogs while the other is being run.

We are proud to be sponsored by BASC who supply all the trophy’s and awards for the working tests.

What you need to bring

  • 2 dummies marked with your name or initials
  • Lunch – we will have tea and coffee available

How to sign up

The cost is £25 for member and £30 for non-members.

You can pay in advance or on the day by cash or card and please complete the generic booking form preferably before the day – as this helps with the admin.

Other things to consider

If you are running two dogs, please being someone with you to hold the other dog while the other is being run.

All dogs will be kept on leads at all times unless competing in one of the tests and the Judge will tell you when to remove the lead.

Please pick up any dog poo and rubbish and put it in one of the black bin bags provided.

We want everyone to enjoy the day so if you bring any youngsters with you please make sure that they are supervised at all times as there are obstacles and do not let them anywhere near the water.

There will be a risk assessment available on the day


It is always a great day out and you’ll be surprise just how good you dog really is. Come along treat it like a normal training day have some fun and come away with an award if all goes well , if all else fails it’s a great day out so don’t think about it just enter and I will see you all there.

Cost: £25 for members, £30 for non-members

Location: Berkshire College of Agriculture

Start Time: 9:00am for 09:30am start