Tiered Training

Starting Times L1 @ 10.00, L2 @ 11.30, L3 @ 1.30 & L4 @ 15.00

Our next set of courses start on Saturday 1st July 2023 and are designed to cover all aspects of gundog training, and we offer tiered training programs to cater to different skill levels.

Our tiered training courses consist of five levels that are generic across the Spaniel, Retriever, and HPR groups. Each level provides a comprehensive training program that includes all the techniques required to train your dog. Upon successful completion of each level, candidates are awarded rosettes and certificates to recognise their achievements.

Our training sessions take place weekly and culminate in a test during the sixth week of the course. We believe that this approach provides a structured and effective learning environment for both you and your dog.

Our courses cover everything from basic obedience to advanced gundog skills, so no matter where you and your dog are in your training journey, we have a course that is perfect for you.

To learn more about our courses and which level is best suited for your dog, please contact Allan to on: 07525 220 582 or [email protected]

We can’t wait to help you and your gundog achieve your training goals!

There are currently 5 levels of courses that are generic across the Spaniel, Retriever and HPR groups:

Tier Training Level 1       Tier Training Level 2      Tier Training Level 3      Tier Training Level 4

However, each level has specific requirements for Spaniel, Retriever and HPR’s.

You can book and pay via the WBGC App or download the Course Booking Form below.

Tier Training Course Booking Form

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