West Berkshire Gundog Club Rules And Regulations For All Events

If you enter an event or come to any training run by the club or on behalf of the club, it is taken that you have read and agreed to the following Rules and Regulations.

A booking form must be filled in and received before the event date with full payment, payments can be by cheque, Bank transfer or cash. There is a generic booking form in the App and on the website.

No refunds will be given prior to an event or training session or after that event or training session, including the Tiered training.

Forms should be sent to Mr Allan Hender, The West Berkshire Gundog Club, Lane End Cottage, Humbly Grove, South Warnborough, Hook, Hampshire, RG29 1RY

Please note

  • No bitches in season are allowed at any club event or training session.
  • All dogs must be in good health and Puppies fully injected before coming along.
  • No harsh handling or ill treatment of any dog will be tolerated.
  • Competitors and handlers are expected to pick up any dog mess and place in bags

There will be risk assessments for every event and are readily available, if not on display please ask for a copy.

Neither the organisers nor the host of any event will accept any liability for accidents, damage to vehicles and property, illness or injury to dogs, handlers, spectators or any other person or property howsoever caused.

Mr Allan Hender President WBGC